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Having a Home Built?
Three good reasons that you should insist on Code Inspections

1. The Building Codes are the MINIMUM saftey standards.

Unless you work in the construction industry, the International Residential Codes can seem like a complicated and exhaustive list of requirements for home builders to meet. But the truth is, the IRC is the minimum saftey standards for residential structures. Shouldn't your family have the peace of mind of knowing that their home has been built to Code?

2. Code Inspections can help you avoid messy and frustrating legal battles.

Sadly, for some the dream of home ownership has become a nightmare. Problems with a new home can lead to questions about the quality of the work done, but once the home has been built, it is much more difficult, if not impossible to see if the code has been met without tearing the house apart.

Code Inspections at different stages of construction can keep this from happening to you. You recieve written reports in plain English from Professional, Certified Inspectors, as well as pictures of the work that you can keep for your records. No questions. No hassles.

3. Your home is one of the biggest investments you'll ever make. Our Inspections are not.

Your home is not only one of the biggest investments you'll make in a lifetime, it will hold your most precious possesion: your family. The safety of their home is something no one can put a price on. Think this type of service is expensive? Think again! On average, our Code Inspections will cost about one-half of 1% of the cost of the home. In some cases, even less! Most people pay more per year for cable T.V. than for what our inspections cost. What a small price to pay for that kind of peace of mind!



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